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Keel & Curley wine tasting

22 Jun

It’s funny, I checked my blog and the last time I went to Keel & Curley Winery was a year ago last month. I guess it was time for their annual check up. I went yesterday and they’ve only changed a little. It now costs $6 to taste all 12 of their wines, and you get to keep the wine glass with their logo on it.

I compared my wine list from the one I kept when I visited last year because i’m nostalgic like that. Now they have two blackberry wines, a dry and a sweet. All of the blueberry and blackberry wines are made with 100% blueberries or blackberries, no grapes. I love blackberries but I wasn’t a big fan of the blackberry wine. It had a yeasty smell and didn’t taste as much like a blackberry as I was expecting. The blueberry wines have twice the antioxidants of regular wine so it’s good for you too.

All of their fusion wines are 80% grape/20% fruit. They no longer produce the Mango Mama which included 8 different types of white grapes. Their list includes a new ice wine called Monica’s Florida Frost. It is too sweet to drink much of unless you were pairing it with dessert, which is why they call it a dessert wine. They get all of their grapes from California except the grapes for the ice wine which come from the Canadian part of the Niagara, if it’s cold enough.

I enjoyed all of their wines with the exception of the ice wine; it was just too sweet for my liking. If you are the type of person who doesn’t like the taste of wine that much, you will enjoy Keel & Curley’s wines. They taste so fruity, but not too sweet. It’s almost like drinking juice.

Image 22 Jun

Wine tasting at Keel & Curley Winery.

World of Beer

20 Jun

Sunday I was in Orlando for my good friend Adrienne’s 21st birthday. She had a gathering at World of Beer near UCF with a few friends. If you’ve never been to a World of Beer before, it’s kind of strictly for the beer drinker. They have over 500 bottled beer and around 40 beers on tap. They also have a small wine and cigar selection.

The large beers we have in our hands is actually a mixture of beers called a Fruit Cocktail. I can’t find the exact mixture on World of Beer’s website and I didn’t write it down so i’m going to recall it to the best of my ability. I know for sure it has Raspberry Lambic Framboise in it. I believe the light beer is a hefeweizen, and i’m almost positive the blueberry beer is the Sea Dog Blueberry Wheat Ale. It’s only $6 for a mixture of beers that taste great together. I bought one for Adrienne thinking she would like it, but she’s not a beer drinker and said the combination was too “beery” for her. She does enjoy the Raspberry Lambic Framboise, though. 

On another note, their beer flights are extremely expensive. It was $8 for four different beers that are probably around 3oz a pour. I was honestly surprised, and slightly disappointed.

Image 20 Jun

Adrienne and I at World of Beer-UCF for her 21st birthday. (The mustache straw was part of my gift to her).

Photo by: Andy Ceballos with an iPhone