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Image 26 Oct

A visual guide to wines as they relate to red, white, sweet, and dry. Thanks to Primer magazine for this awesome guide.

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Wine at the Docks Tarpon Springs, FLA

Vin de Crete

4 Oct

During my two week summer break my family and I went on a day trip to the docks in Tarpon Springs. While we were there we went to this cute little place called Wine At the Docks¬†where they have daily wine tastings. Since we were surrounded by Greek culture I decided to try some Greek wines. It was a little odd that I was only allowed to try wines that were currently open; they don’t open wines just because you want to taste them. I ended up taking home a mini bottle (375 ml) of Vin de Crete with a 12.5% alcohol by volume for around $9 which I just finished off last night. On the bottle it says “dry red regional wine of crete rotwein trocken vin de pays aus kreta.” I’m not sure what that means but it is a dry red, not overly dry, it had a dark cherry aroma and nice viscosity. I would liken it to a merlot. It was delicious and I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a dry red with dinner or even before bed.