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Carolina Vineyards Red Raspberry

23 Aug

So when we were on our way back from our recent trip to Massachusetts, we stopped at a gas station in South Carolina and I picked up a bottle of IMG_3230Carolina Vineyards Red Raspberry wine for $12.99.  I had no idea what to expect but knew I was definitely not going to find this wine in Florida and thought it was worth a try. I chilled it and brought it to share at shabbat dinner with my friends last Friday and it went over pretty well. I would compare it to a Keel & Curley wine; sweet, light and fruity. It’s a perfect summer wine. I’m guessing you could order it online to be shipped to you if you really wanted to try it, but you would be just as satisfied picking up a bottle of Keel & Curley.


MA Breweries: Rapscallion & Tree House

10 Aug

IMG_20150802_133953While I was vising family in Massachusetts, I had the opportunity to check out two local breweries. Tree House Brewing Co. in Monson is not a place you go to drink beer, but a place you go to buy beer. And the locals love it. We had to come back a few days after we tried the first time because it was a 2 hour wait. You basically go there to buy a growler and fill it, bring your growler to be filled, or buy some cans or swag. You can not drink on the premises but they do have corn hole outside for patrons while they wait 30 minutes for their growler to be filled. I think it was a little over-hyped for the few beers they actually had on tap, but they were good. I bought a few cans of their current IPA Julius and a growler of That’s What She Said Milk Stout. 

Rapscallion Brewery in Fiskdale is on a cute farm in an old barn building at Hyland Orchard and it just so happened that when we went they were IMG_1831setting up for a wedding in their event facility. It was really cool to see hops growing outside like vines since you don’t usually see that in Florida’s climate. They offer a sampler which includes four tastes for $8. Their tap list was much longer than Tree House with about 12 brews available where the latter had about 4. Everything from a honey ale to a super IPA was available. After my sampler tray I went with a pint of the Black IPA which was a interested stout/IPA blend that I really enjoyed. These scenic spots are definitely worth checking out if you’re ever in the MA area.

Maggio Old Vine Zinfandel Lodi 2012

9 Aug

IMG_8214I recently went a trip to visit my family in Massachusetts and my aunt who lives in California also made it over for the trip. She brought three bottles of wine, one of which was a 2012 Maggio Old Vine Zinfandel Lodi. At 13 ABV it was bold with low tannins and a sweet finish. Smells of deep cherry with vanilla notes, earthy and sharp.  It was pretty decent. My friend who isn’t very versed in wines said, “It tastes like after you eat something and burp it up.” I thought it was decent, maybe not the best wine for newbies or those who prefer sweeter drinks. I thought it paired well with my fried chicken and habanero sauce earlier.

Southern Tier Choklat Oranj

8 Aug

This is currently my favorite beer. I will say it was better fresh on tap from The Stein & Vine, but the bottle will do just fine. Southern Tier’s Choklat Oranj is the only stIMG_7495out that i’ve tasted that actually tastes like dark chocolate. Most stouts will give you the essense or notes or dark chocolate, but this one has an after taste that makes you feel like you’ve just eaten a square from a dark chocolate bar. It is so good I went out to the Craft Beer Cellar and bought one of the large bottles for $12. At 10% it’s not too bitter compared to some of the stouts i’ve had lately. The bottle says it is brewed with chocolate and orange peels. Grab one of these while you can. It would make a great dessert beer, especially with some vanilla ice cream.

2014 Nahe Pinot Noir Rose Qualitatswein

7 Aug

I have a friend who told me about a wine that came in a bottle shaped like a cat, so obviously I had to find one for myself. After discovering it could be IMG_7497found at World Market, I asked my grandmother who was coming to visit soon to pick up a bottle on her way since there is a World Market near her, and none near where I live. I don’t know if it went from hot to cold traveling, or before at the store, but i’m pretty sure this wine was past it’s prime. The Moselland Wine Company produced Pinot Noir Rose Qualitatswein tasted like vinegar, which surprised me since it was a 2014 vintage and should still be good. If that is the way it was supposed to taste, I guess i’m just not a fan. I would not suggest anyone buy this wine, unless you want it for the bottle, which was exactly my goal.