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Cocoa di Vine

2 Oct

I am finishing off a bottle of Cocoa di Vine that I also bought in Tarpon Springs at Wine at the Docks shop. It’s the best chocolate wine i’ve ever tasted, but the only other brand i’ve had is┬áChocovine which was just awful. It’s from a winery in Washingtonville, NY so it may be possible to find this one at grocery stores and liquor stores. This one basically tastes like chocolate milk with just a little bite, more like there is vodka in it than wine. It was $15.99 and has 14% ABV. The bottle doesn’t say what kind of grapes are in it but their website says it’s a blend of white wine.

It’s interesting that the label says there is cream in it but it doesn’t require it to be refrigerated. I actually bought it non-refrigerated. But it does say serve chilled and I think the cooler the better. I even put ice cubes in my glass. My theory is the cooler it gets the smoother it goes down, but that could just be my imagination.

It’s a little pricey so it’s something i’d only buy if I was in the mood for it, but it is delicious. It makes a great desert wine and i’m tempted to buy more and try to make a milkshake.