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Abita Christmas Ale

21 Nov

IMG_3397Although I no longer celebrate Christmas my dad still knows I like to try seasonal ales so he grabbed me an Abita Christmas Ale when he was visiting my grandparents in Louisiana this weekend. Made in Abita Springs, LA this beer is all over there and still not that difficult to find even in grocery stores here.

I don’t know thee price or ABV but this dark ale isn’t bad. I’m not sure if it’s the power of suggestion from the Christmas tree on the label but it has a hint of pine tree taste to it. It’s crisp and slightly hoppy. A little hoppier than what I would normally want but not as much as an IPA so it’s a good balance. Interestingly enough the label says they change the recipe each year so I guess that means you could love it one year and hate it the next. Interesting concept.



Southern Teir Pumpking

12 Nov
Southern Tier Pumpking courtesy of Google.

Southern Tier Pumpking courtesy of Google.

I went to Square 1 Burger this weekend and besides it being absolutely delicious, I had the best beer that the whole world should know about. If you like beer, and you like pumpkin pie then you will fall in love with Southern Teir’s Pumpking. It’s a seasonal brew that comes out in August and is 8.6% ABV. It has hints of vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and tastes exactly like a pumpkin pie. It is by far my favorite pumpkin beer that I have ever tried.


Rosa Fiorelli Florida Muscadine Blush 2010

8 Nov

image (2)A few weeks ago I visited the Rosa Fiorelli Winery in Bradenton again and it was still hot weather for October in Florida. Right now there were no grapes on the vine and the leaves were starting to go dormant and basically looked like they were dying. After a tour of the facilities and informative wine tasting I decided on two bottles to take home. I was enjoying some of the muscadine blush I purchased last night. It was $16.86 before tax and although it probably isn’t in a store near you unless you live in Bradenton, you can order their award winning wines online. It is made from native Floridian white triumph and red noble muscadine grapes. With 11.5% ABV it had very nice legs and quite an interesting


taste. Muscadine wines are very different from European grapes and it is kind of hard to compare the taste. The smell had hints of cherries, oranges and pears. Yes, pears. It was unique. Even the flavor was distinct and the only thing I could

think of was flowers with a little spice. I’ve never actually eaten a flower before but I imagine that’s what they would taste like. It’s a semi-sweet wine but I still think it’s finish is a little dry to drink alone. I would pair it with some seafood, chicken or chocolate. This would definitely make a good sangria. L’chaim!