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Wine By Joe 2010 Pinot Gris

26 Nov

image (3) I’m not sure how but my notes have been deleted on my Ipod touch, which is where I take all my wine notes, so I don’t remember exactly what I thought when I tried this wine last Friday. This 2010 Wine By Joe Pinot Gris from Oregon was a gift from my grandfather, whose name is also Joe. It looks like it cost about $14 depending on where you find it, and I believe it was around 13% ABV. I think it smelled much better than it tasted. It was light with notes of pineapple and I can’t remember what else; it smelled sweet. It tasted pretty tart with a sharp finish, but also like it was watered down. It is a few years old so it might be past it’s prime. It was okay, but then again white wine isn’t my favorite.


Thanksgiving Pie Wine Pairing

25 Nov

I just realized it’s almost been 2 full months since I’ve blogged so I figured it was about time I make a new post. I saw this awesome infographic postedthanksgiving-pie-wine-pairing-chart by through Facebook yesterday that gives wine pairings for Thanksgiving pies. Yes, it made my mouth water. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days of the year, plus wine, equals so much delicious. Personally I will be drinking Cooper’s Hawk Almond Sparkling wine that I picked up on my recent visit there with absolutely everything I will be eating tomorrow. Too bad sparkling wine isn’t on the list. Here is what the chart suggested:

-Pumpkin pie & Riesling

-Blueberry pie & California Cabernet

-Sweet potato pie & Gewurztraminer

-Apple pie & Chardonnay

-Peanut butter pie & Pinot Noir

-Chocolate cream pie & Zinfandel

-Lemon meringue pie & Pinot Grigio

-Key lime pie & Sauvignon Blanc

-Pear pie & Chenin Blanc

-Pecan pie & Port

-Cherry pie & Gamay

Happy Thanksgiving & Cheers!