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Strong Tower Vineyard & Florida Estates Winery

12 Aug

Yesterday I went on a day trip with my family to see a vineyard and winery that were close to each other. The first place we went to was Strong Tower Vineyard in Spring Hill, Fla which is about an hour away from us. The tasting was free; we got to try 7 of the wines they currently had which included mostly reds with one blend of white grapes and strawberries called Cuv’ee. All of their wines has 12% alcohol content. Although all were yummy, my favorite was the Ison which was a twist on a Chianti. It was smooth, slightly oaky and would go great with pasta and meat dishes. The Ison costed $12.99 and the most expensive wine was the Pinor Noir which was $18.99 so they are reasonably priced. The place was adorable, very friendly people, they even had u-pick grapes if you wanted to take some home and eat. I thought it was awesome that they sold the wood chips that they used to flavor the wine for people to smoke food with.

The other place we stopped at on our way home was the Florida Estates Winery in Land O’Lakes, Fla which doesn’t have their own vineyard anymore because of the hurricanes of 2004. It costed $3something to taste all 8 of their wines or it was free to try one or two. I decided to only try the Casa Del Sol Florida Orange and the Casa Del Sol Florida Key Lime. I ended up going home with a bottle of the Orange for $12.95, it had such a nice refreshing citrus aftertaste. The Key Lime was good but couldn’t compare to Keel & Curley’s Key Lime. The most expensive wine was their Strawberry Port which had 19% alcohol and was $22.95. I’m pretty sure from the looks of the place that their winery was their home, lots of land around but not much to peruse over other than their wine trinkets.

Image 12 Aug

Strong Tower Vineyard

Spring Hill, Fla

Photo by: Harold Schoen

Keel & Curley Key Lime wine

7 Aug

I’ve been having trouble finding  Keel and Curley’s key lime wine in the grocery store but I finally found it at Publix; I kept looking for it at Albertson’s but they never carry the key lime wine. This is definitely one of my favorite wines ever, I think it would be a wine that most people like even if they don’t really like the flavor of wine. It barely tastes alcoholic, mostly like key lime juice, nice and tart. I will admit that i’m definitely biased toward fruity tasting/smelling things; i’m obsessed. It’s around the same price as the rest of their wines: $12 and worth every penny.