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29 Jun

I had a sleepover (no, you’re never too old for those) the other night with my friend and we decided to try some ChococVine as a dessert wine after our homemade pizzas. I’ve been eyeballing this wine for quite some time trying to decide how chocolate milk and red wine would taste together. It sounds great in theory right? Well it kinda tastes like alcoholic chocolate milk, not like wine at all, kind of like there is some type of liquor in the milk. I don’t even know how to analyze this since it didn’t taste like wine to me at all. I kind of found it difficult to drink, it has a strong bite to it. The chocolate milk part is great but that’s to be expected for a product from Holland. It was about $10 at Wal Mart, 14% alcohol by volume. 


Double Dead Guy & Delirium Tremens

26 Jun

My friend got me two awesome beers from the liquor store last night as a gift to celebrate my straight A’s in my classes for the summer A semester. One was a Double Dead Guy IPA. It comes in a huge bottle and is about 2 pints I think. It was my first time trying this beer and I liked it a lot. It had a very interesting taste, kind of like chocolate or caramel and was super thick, you couldn’t see through the glass at all.

The second one was Delirium Tremens, which i’ve had before but is always a favorite. It was a single, regular sized beer, a Belgian IPA. Both of the beers are 9% alcohol which I love because they don’t taste strong at all and you don’t have to drink a lot.

Abita S.O.S. Pilsner

25 Jun

I asked my uncle in December to make me some beer for my birthday but he’s a busy man and hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Instead of home brewed beer my grandma sent me two Abita S.O.S. pilsner pints. S.O.S stands for Save Our Shores and part of the proceeds went to cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico after the oil leak. I’ve seen this beer at a few locations around where I live but nowhere like getting it from New Orleans where Abita is actually brewed. It’s 7% alcohol and is a nice smooth beer, very easy to drink.

Carrabba’s Peach Sangria

15 Jun

I went out to dinner with my mother when I went home this weekend and we went to Carrabba’s for dinner. We decided to try the sangria because last time we had the regular sangria it tasted too much like nutmeg or cinnamon. It was happy hour when we went so we split a quartino which is like a carafe so basically we each had one drink, I think it was around $7 dollars. It was delicious, it tasted like white peach and it was garnished with a strawberry and lemon slice, I wish I had the recipe. 


82 Facts about Wine

11 Jun

82 Facts about Wine

Carlo Rossi Sangria

10 Jun

I ran out of wine and opted for something fruity so I bought another jug of Carlo Rossi but this time I got sangria. $10.99 at Wal Mart it’s 3 liters of 10% alcohol by volume. While that may already sound like a lot I would suggest mixing this sangria with some brandy and fresh fruits (oranges, limes, lemons, berries, pineapple). It’s such a sweet wine that by adding the brandy and fruit it would only enhance the flavor and alcohol content. Great for beach trips.

Aroma Wheel

4 Jun

A friend stumbled this to me, I thought i’d share. It’s a good way to display the different smells a wine can produce.