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Mixon Fruit Farms Acai Raspberry Cabernet Sauvignon

13 Dec

IMG_5053I had a chance to go visit Mixon Fruit Farms in Bradenton, near the Rosa Fiorelli Winery, that does daily tours and has quite the extravagant gift shop. It’s definitely a destination spot selling everything from fresh fruit, juice, fudge to ice cream and wine. Gift shop supreme. My favorite part is that the tram tour included a stop at Wildlife Inc., which is a animal sanctuary for injured animals and surrendered exotic pets.

They don’t make their wine on site, but they do contribute their fruits to several wine production facilities and make some delicious blends. After sampling a few at the shop, I bought a bottle of the Acai Raspberry Cabernet Sauvignon at 8.5% ABV for about $15. It’s now become one of my favorite IMG_4993wines. It has the perfect blend of tart and sweet that tastes more like juice than wine. Next time I go back, I will be sure to get more than one bottle.