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Flipflop 2009 California Merlot

6 Nov

My mom makes a delicious beef burgundy, even if she doesn’t use the right type of wine. For this particular batch of beef burgundy she used a wine i’d never tasted before. Flipflop 2009 California Merlot can be bought at Sweetbay supermarkets (or most likely any grocery store) for around $6. This wine is actually much tastier than I was expecting. The thing that threw me off was the fact that the bottle didn’t have a cork, it was a twist off top. To me, a wine without a cork is a red flag for cheap, disgusting wine, but I was pleasantly surprised. It has 13.5% alcohol by volume which is downplayed by the vanilla and berry flavors. It has nice legs and soft tannins which make for a smooth finish. It smelled mostly of blackberry to me but I could hint plum and cherry as well. The back of the bottle says, “Jammy aromas and soft tannins pair well with Texas chili, black & blue sliders or cheddar cheese broccoli.” If you are a Merlot lover on a budget I would suggest you try this wine, it just may surprise you. 

Image 6 Nov

Flipflop 2009 California Merlot