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Chianti Riserva Gaetano D’Aquino 2012

25 May

My mother and I recently went to a movie night fundraiser to watch Mother’s Day. We entered a few raffles and won this sweet bottle of wine that IMG_9309came in a purse specifically for carrying and insulating bottles of wine. So this bottle of Chianti Riserva Gaetano D’Aquino 2012 vintage looks super fancy and super expensive, right? Well it fooled me, too. I learned from Google that it’s like $6 at Trader Joe’s. But jokes on them because it’s actually really frickin’ good wine. This is definitely the best tasting cheapest bottle of wine, especially if you consider it being free since I won it. It has 12.5% ABV and was very complex in flavor, bold but smooth, overall very interesting and enjoyable. I would even recommend this to a beginning wine drinker.


Truly Spiked & Sparkling

24 May

IMG_1528Some of the perks of being a journalist include having free alcohol sent to your office for you to taste test. We received two boxes last week, each included one bottle of each flavor of new product Truly Spiked & Sparkling. I had never heard of them before and after tasting them I will definitely be buying them. At first glance it looks no different than a Mike’s Hard Lemonade-type drink; think super sweet and syrupy. But the label says it is a spiked sparkling water with natural flavors. On the back ingredients list, you learn the 5% ABV comes from beer made from sugarcane, which I didn’t realize was possible. It’s actually really good, and not sweet and syrupy at all. It doesn’t taste like beer either. It literally tastes like sparkling water, which is kind of dangerous. Think alcoholic Perrier; that carbonated almost bitter refreshing fizz. It comes in three flavors: Colima Lime, Grapefruit & Pomelo, and Pomegranate, which was my least favorite as it almost tasted slightly beer-y mixed with water. Currently the product is only available in CO, CT, IA, IL, KS, MA, MD, ME, MN, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI and VT. I have no idea when they plan on launching it in Florida as I haven’t seen the press release that came with the box yet, but I will update this post as soon as I find out. I would definitely recommend trying this, especially to my non-beer loving friends.