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Beer Making Endeavors

22 Jan

My Uncle, who is a pretty decent beer brewer, sent me a beer making kit from as a Christmas gift since he knows i’ve been wanting to attempt this interesting art for some time now. While I don’t celebrate Christmas I will always find something to celebrate with some beer, and what can be more rewarding than drinking a brew that you crafted yourself. Even though IPA is probably my least favorite type of beer simply because I don’t enjoy that much hops, i’m going to enjoy every sip of the Everyday IPA that Uncle Lee bought me.

I was disappointed that the vague instructions on the back of the box were all that came with the kit. But then I was happily relieved that when I checked out the Brooklyn Brew Shop website I found full instructions (5 pages worth) as well as a video to assist newbies like me. It looks like he paid about $40 sans shipping and handling for the kit that makes a gallon of beer and comes with almost everything you need aside from cooking materials like a stove and pots.

The only thing I really didn’t like was that it didn’t come with bottles or a capper, which can cost around $16 for a cheap one. Since beer making isn’t something I plan on doing often i’m going to buy a 6-pack or two of Grolsch since they have the fancy resealable swing-tops. Once I have purchased and consumed those you will receive an update on the brew process.

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Beer Making Kit from courtesy of my Uncle Lee as a Christmas gift.