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Woodbridge Sauvignon Blanc 2012

6 Jun

There’s not much to say about this wine. Yes, I knew what I was getting myself into when I realized it was another Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi wine, but I thought that since it was a Sauvignon Blanc it might be different. Different, yes, better, no. A 2012 vintage from California this one starts out good but gets worse as you drink it. The aroma is amazing with sweet notes of strawberry, but the taste it terrible like bitter petroleum. For $5.99 at Publix it sure did make a great cooking wine for my mom’s tilapia.


Woodbridge Cabernet Sauvignon 2011

23 May

When my mom buys $6 wine from Publix to cook with I see it as an opportunity to tell the world whether it’s worth drinking or not. This one is a definite no. It’s a 2011 vintage California Cabernet Sauvignon Woodbridge wine by Robert Mondavi and it smells better than it tastes. The aroma is promising with notes of dark fruit like plum and black cherry. Then you taste it and feel tricked. It’s very bitter, sharp, high in tannins with a dry mouth after taste. It gets easier to drink the more you sip but not by much.

Wine Terms

2 Oct

While I was shopping for a few things at Publix today I picked up a pamphlet near the wine section that said “Wine Simplified” on the front. Publix has coded their wines to help shoppers pick out the right type to pair with different foods, which is very helpful for those who are clueless when it comes to wine.

They also had a few wine terms with definitions that I will share that can be useful in wine tasting.

  • Aroma/Bouquet-aroma is the fruity scent in a young wine, whereas bouquet is the complex scent of older wines.
  • Body-the substance of a wine in your mouth (light, full or medium).
  • Crisp/Soft-crispness refers to the sharp taste of a wine, whereas a soft wine is smooth.
  • Fruity-having ripe flavors of fruit.
  • Finish-the impression a wine leaves on your palate.
  • Oaky-characteristic style of oak barrel aging.
  • Tannin-a natural preservative found in grape skins, stems, and seeds, which in high levels will make your mouth pucker. 

Blackstone Pinot Noir 2010

15 Jul

Last night I had a Community marathon night. It’s a pretty funny show that I thought would only be made better with a glass of red wine. I stopped by Publix and grabbed a bottle of Blackstone Pinot Noir because it was on sale. I’ve tried Blackstone Cabernet Sauvignon before so I figured we would try a different wine by them. I believe it cost around $8 with sales tax and had 13.5% alcohol by volume. It smelled nice, like deep blackberry or cherry, and tasted fine until you swallowed. It had lots of tannin, which usually I don’t mind, but something about the after taste was not pleasing to the palette. I’m not sure if i’m just not a Pinot Noir fan or if it was the wine itself, but I would not recommend it for drinking. Maybe cooking.

Barefoot Bubbly Pinot Grigio Champagne

17 May

After my graduation from the University of Central Florida my grandparents bought me 3 bottles of champagne for me and my family to celebrate. I love champagne. 

My favorite of the three was the Barefoot bubbly pinot grigio champagne. I believe it was around $9.99 from Publix. It has an alcohol content of 11.5% which is on the low side for wines but on the high side for champagnes. I haven’t tasted that many champagnes so i’m not really sure how to describe it other than it was the perfect balance of sweet and dry. If you don’t like pinot grigio you probably wouldn’t enjoy it very much. It paired well with the strawberry kiwi pie I picked out from Publix. 

Wine Munchies

2 Dec

I just got my winter edition of Publix’s Grape magazine and found an interesting tid bit about pairing snacks with wine. They feature suggestions from expert Andrea Immer Robinson, a chef and master sommelier who has appeared on the Cooking Channel. I’m going to show you her suggestions and add a few of my own.

Champagne & Sparkling Wine: Andrea suggests-buttered popcorn/I suggest-sharp cheese and crackers

Sauvignon Blanc: Andrea suggests-tortilla chips and creamy guacamole/I suggest-spinach and artichoke dip with pretzel chips

Chianti: Andrea suggests-cheese straws or parmesan toasts/I suggest-fresh bruschetta

Riesling: Andrea suggests-Asian appetizers, like pre-made mini eggrolls or steamed dumplings with hot mustard/I suggest-smoked salmon and cream cheese topped crackers

Cabernet: Andrea suggests-basil pesto spread on crostini toasts/I suggest-garlic rubbed toast with french onion dip

Publix Grape Magazine

10 Sep

If you like free magazines then you’re going to love this. Publix puts out a magazine, I believe seasonally since the one i’m currently looking at says Fall 2011, called Grape that is all about wine. There are recipes and what wines to pair them with, some history about wine, wine profiles, and this particular issue had some information about Florida wines. (I’m guessing they tailor the magazine to your region.) You can sign up for this free magazine here

I learned from this magazine that Florida is actually where wine making started in the United States. It was the French who settled in Florida in the late 1500’s who started making wine from the wild Muscadine grapes which are native to Florida and delicious. Muscadine grapes produce red and white wines that are on the sweet side but the University of Florida is working on some hybrids to make it dry.