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Canyon Road Merlot 2014

6 Jul

IMG_1804My mom and I recently went to a bunco fundraiser where we played bunco for the first time (it’s not as exciting as you think) but also won a sweet raffle prize. The basket we won included a bottle of wine, two wine glasses, and gift certificate to Pinot’s Palette. The wine was a bottle of 2014 Canyon Road California Merlot. Free wine is always the best wine and this one wasn’t awful. I’m learning Merlot is probably my least favorite wine but this one was pretty smooth. This is going to sound really weird but when I took a long sniff of it, I totally got notes of rosemary and Play-Doh. I mean, along with the normal cherry fruity smells you get from a Merlot. But the taste isn’t awful and goes down smooth, but it isn’t something I would seek out to buy again.