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Wine Terms

2 Oct

While I was shopping for a few things at Publix today I picked up a pamphlet near the wine section that said “Wine Simplified” on the front. Publix has coded their wines to help shoppers pick out the right type to pair with different foods, which is very helpful for those who are clueless when it comes to wine.

They also had a few wine terms with definitions that I will share that can be useful in wine tasting.

  • Aroma/Bouquet-aroma is the fruity scent in a young wine, whereas bouquet is the complex scent of older wines.
  • Body-the substance of a wine in your mouth (light, full or medium).
  • Crisp/Soft-crispness refers to the sharp taste of a wine, whereas a soft wine is smooth.
  • Fruity-having ripe flavors of fruit.
  • Finish-the impression a wine leaves on your palate.
  • Oaky-characteristic style of oak barrel aging.
  • Tannin-a natural preservative found in grape skins, stems, and seeds, which in high levels will make your mouth pucker.