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Rosa Fiorelli Winery Programs

30 Oct

I know I haven’t posted in awhile, I haven’t drank any new wine recently so I don’t have much to report. I did receive an email from the Rosa Fiorelli Winery with some updates about programs they just started recently so I figured i’d pass them along to my fellow wine lovers. 

Birthday Wine-You get a free glass of wine on your birthday. It must be redeemed within your birthday week. 

Wine Loyalty Program-They keep track of the wine you buy and after you buy 12 bottles, you get one bottle free.

Wine Club-It costs $250 to receive a bottle of wine a month for a whole year, or $450 for two bottles of wine. The price includes wine, tax and shipping. You choose the wine. 

Case Club-When you buy a case of wine you save 10%. You are also entered in a drawing on the 15th of the month for a free bottle of wine. Website promotional code: CaseClub.

Image 6 Aug

Muscadine grapes at the Rosa Fiorelli Winery in Bradenton, FLA.

Rosa Fiorelli Winery

6 Aug

I went on a day trip to the Rosa Fiorelli Winery in Bradenton on Sunday because it had been a few years since i’ve been and wanted to include it in my blog. I think this might be my favorite winery i’ve visited in Florida so far. It’s quaint, inviting and not overwhelming. There is a gazebo in the back where you can pay to have lunch along with a tour and you get a wine glass with their logo to keep. The wine tastings are free every day. If you just want a tour it costs $10. Mr. Fiorelli is always working around the vineyard and if he’s not too busy he will give you the tour himself. There is something so gratifying about being able to meet the man who makes the wines and have a discussion about them.

Overall the wines are very good. They are mostly made with Muscadine grapes which grow naturally in Florida. There are also a few hybrid grapes made by the universities around Florida, like UF and Florida A&M. Muscadine grapes are usually made into sweet wines but not all of the 9 I tried were overly sweet. The wine tasting experience is the best i’ve come across considering they encourage you to cleanse your pallet between wines so you can get the full experience of the wine. They put out bread, crackers and pretzels to dip in mustard, cheese or different infused oils along with chocolate for the dessert wines and coffee beans to sniff.

My favorites were Aurora, Conquistador blush and Rosato (which I have previously blogged about). The Aurora is a dry wine and has a nice balance of sweet and tart. You can really taste the Muscadine grape in this wine. It has it’s own flavor that you can’t really compare to any of the mainstream wines most people have tried. I ended up taking home a bottle of the Conquistador blush which is a semi sweet wine. It smells like a ginger snap cookie and pairs well with spicy food. If you take a sip of the wine, then eat something spicy, and take another sip the flavor of the wine changes and brings out different notes of spice. I can’t wait to experiment mixing Conquistador with spicy foods.

Some of their wines have won awards at the Florida State Fair and even other competitions in the Finger Lakes and Indiana. The prices are reasonable too with the cheaper wines around $14.86 and the more expensive dessert wines around $19.54. With the amount of dedication Mr. Fiorelli puts into his work it’s not hard to understand why the wine tastes so good.

If you’d like to know about some of the other wines I tried feel free to ask. I try to keep these posts short enough to keep your attention.

Image 6 Aug

Rosa Fiorelli Winery in Bradenton, FLA

Rosa Fiorelli Winery July sale

6 Jul

If you’ve never been to this adorable winery in Bradenton you now you have the opportunity to try their wines, which are not sold everywhere. I just received an email from Antonio Fiorelli saying he is offering customers free shipping during the month of July. Many of their wines have won awards at the Florida State Fair. Seeing how I don’t have a blog about this winery I guess it’s about time for another visit.