3 Daughters Brewing

29 Jun

IMG_7377Last week The Nicoles went to 3 Daughters Brewing for our final Travels, Tours & Tales column while working together at the Osprey Observer. We took home a six-pack of each of their three most popular brews: Beach Blonde Ale, Bimini Twist IPA &  Rod Bender Red Ale. They are all higher in ABV with 5%, 7% and 5.9% respectively.  I think my favorite was the Beach Blonde Ale that had this really pretty yellow color to it. Although they were all different styles, they were all fairly hoppy, more so than I expected. The prices are reasonable at about $8 a six-pack and they are available at most grocery and convenient stores.




While we were at the brewery we also got a flight for $6.50 which included four 6 oz. pours from the tap line-up. I don’t remember exactly which four I picked, I think it included El Hefe, Saison Lafayette and Belgian Dark Strong, but I remember liking them all more than the three canned styles we IMG_7419took home. I believe they have over 64 different styles of beer, not all of which are in bottles.

It was a really cute place in the art district of St. Pete with homemade pieces around the bar including a mural from local artists the Vitale Brothers. I love that the couple named the business for their three young daughters since they will be using the proceeds to put them through college. It makes me feel like i’m supporting a noble cause when I purchase their beer. They have a ton of board games, ping pong, darts and more right in the storehouse where they brew and host live music on the weekends plus food trucks. I will definitely have to make my way over there on a Friday night sIMG_7392ometime soon.


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