Food Network’s Entwine Pinot Grigio 2010

3 Apr

IMG_3622I finally opened a bottle of wine I won at my staff holiday party back in December during a white elephant gift exchange. I can’t complain about this wine too much because free wine is good wine, but it was not my favorite. I had no idea Food Network had their own line of wine, but they do, and it’s called Entwine.  This 2010 California Pinot Grigio smelled better than it tasted. I can’t figure out if I didn’t like it because i’m discovering I don’t like Pinot Grigio very much, or if the 2010 vintage was past its prime. With 13% ABV it was hard to drink. I always refrigerate white wines so that helped, but it was just very tart, kind of IMG_3614like sour apples. It smelled fruity and crisp and had very nice legs. I would suggest mixing it into a white wine sangria, or serving it with something spicy. I’m guessing it’s around $10 since that was the price limit of our white elephant gifts and probably isn’t too difficult to find at most grocery stores.


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