The Bottling Process

13 Jan

20140111_212452This Saturday it had been two weeks since we brewed our Everyday IPA from the Brooklyn Brew Shop and it was time to bottle. The directions we were working with that I printed from the Brew Shop’s website was not very descriptive of this step but their video was much more helpful. It took us a little under an hour and we didn’t loose much in the process.

We first had to siphon the beer out of the jug into a pot with 3 tablespoons honey 20140111_213832dissolved in 1/2 cup of water leaving the settled yeast at the bottom. Supposedly the sugar from the honey adds carbonation. Then we had to siphon the beer into each of the bottles. We got almost seven full Grolsch bottles, which are 15.2 fl oz so slightly larger than a regular beer.

I don’t know how I would have done this step by myself. It took all three of us to make this happen. Now in two weeks we can put it in the fridge overnight and then drink! I’m hoping after all this work that we actually did it correctly and it will taste like beer.


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