Sketch and Sip

23 Dec

20131217_185118Anyone who lives near Bloomingdale and has any type of artistic interests at all needs to check out Sketch and Sip. It’s this cute painting studio in the Winthrop Plaza (Bloomingdale Ave. & Providence Rd.) where each night an instructor teaches a class of about 30 or less how to paint a specific picture step by step. It’s between $30-$45 for a class which includes the canvas and all the painting supplies. Wednesday nights it’s only $15 to paint a wine glass. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own snacks and drinks to enjoy the class in a laid back atmosphere.

I went to a class last Tuesday for the second time to paint a peacock . Although it seemed challenging the teacher went through it step by step and it was so much fun. I also brought a bottle of ice wine I got for $15 from The Rolling Pin. I didn’t bother to take notes since I was too busy painting but it was quite tasty. The brand was The Stump Jump and it was a 2010 vintage. It was a blend of Chadonnay, Riesling, Semillon and Pinot Gris. It reminded me of the Samos wine from Tarpon Springs with a honey flavor but not as strong, so I liked it better since I don’t really like honey. Great desert wine and perfect for the class.



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