Muscat of Samos Sweet White Wine

18 Sep

A few weekends ago I went on a day trip to Tarpon Springs with my best friend and had the best day. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Tarpon Springs, it’s this cute, Greek fisher town where they have a bunch of sponge docks, shops and delicious Greek restaurants. There is this awesome shop/bar called Wine at the Docks that sells a bunch of wines made in Florida and Greece. They also let you sample any of the wines they have open that you are interested in. I ended up buying a bottle of Samos sweet white wine and just finished it off this Sunday. It has a bunch of Greek letters on the label but what I can read says it is produced and bottled by Union des Cooperatives Vinicoles de Samos for Creta Olympias s.a., Kounavi, Crete, Greece. It’s ABV is 15% and its make from the Aegean island of Samos. It was about $22 and worth every penny. It is unlike any wine i’ve ever tasted but I would liken it to a drier moscato. Basically it tastes and smells like honey with a hint of orange. Makes for a perfect desert wine. The best part is it’s this awesome orange color. I’d love to see the grapes this wine was made from.


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