Robert Mondavi Private Collection Merlot 2011

11 Sep

Sorry I haven’t blogged in awhile, I got a new job at the Osprey Observer and things have been busy. Last Shabbat I decided to try some of a bottle my dad brought home even though the name Robert Mondavi leaves a bad taste in my mouth. For around $7 from the gas station this wine is slightly overpriced but the best of the Mondavi’s i’ve tried, which still isn’t saying much. With 13.5% ABV it has terrible legs that disappear almost immediately. It’s aroma was not impressive with it being mostly like rubbing alcohol but with hints or pine and dark cherry/berry. It tasted like a very tart, dry dark blackberry with lots of tannin. I think it would have tasted better chilled. I’m sure some people would enjoy this wine, it’s just not for me.


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