Alice White Lexia Moscato 2011 vintage

11 Feb

Knowing his little pumkin’ so well my father got me a bottle of Alice White Lexia Moscato wine as part of my birthday gifts, which I popped open this weekend.

(Sorry, no brewing just yet. Shooting for next weekend.)

Moscatos are sweeter than what I usually drink but every once in a while they are refreshing. I had never heard of a Lexia Moscato before. I believe Lexia is just the type of grape from eastern Australia where the wine comes from. It’s a 2011 vintage with 10% alcohol by volume. It was tolerable warm but I would suggest you refrigerate it before drinking. The bottle related the wine to a White Zinfandel which I would have to agree with. The smell had sweet notes like apricot and peach. It had weird legs that I had never seen before; they just sort of disintegrated off the glass. I was anticipating it to be super sweet because of how it smelled, but it was actually refreshing. It tasted like sparkling orange juice and had a crispness that balanced out the sweetness. For a $6 wine from ABC liquors I would say it was better than I was expecting.  


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