Yuengling Factory

5 Feb

Part of my 23rd birthday gift from my father was to take me on a tour of the Yuengling brewery in Tampa. There was so much information given I wish I had brought my voice recorder to help me remember it all. I was seriously impressed. They have been family owned since 1829 making it literally America’s oldest brewery. The factory makes about a million bottles a day and they are currently expanding to double that.

The tour takes you through all aspects of the brewing process. You get to see the mash press and all the huge equipment they use to sterilize and bottle the beer with. They even take you into the lab and let you smell the different ingredients they use. I had no idea that beer tasting was more complicated than wine tasting. Apparently there are around 2,000 flavors to a beer that a taster has to be able to identify versus around 200 per wine. And I thought wine was more complicated.

At the end of the about hour long tour visitors get to taste their brews on tap. They don’t have a liquor license so they can’t sell you the beer but they can give it away for free, although they limit you to two small pours. I tried the Lord Chesterfield Ale and the Bock since I had never heard of them before. The Lord Chesterfield was too hoppy for my liking but the Bock was a darker brew that went down much smoother. 

Tours are free and they have about three a day. Check out their calendar and plan a visit so next time you grab some brews you can even further appreciate the years or expertise that went into the delicious Yuengling you’re drinking.


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