Why wine is good for your body

5 Sep

In case you didn’t know, moderate amounts of wine drinking daily is beneficial for your health. Having a glass of wine before bed is like taking a vitamin. According to an article on NYDailyNews.com/health called “Six good reasons to toast your health with wine”, there are at least 6 good reasons to drink for your health based on different medical studies. 

  1. Protects your brain – Wine has been found to prevent blood clots and raise HDL (the good cholesterol) to unclog your arteries.
  2. Zaps fat – Apparently there is a compound in grapes that blocks immature fat cell’s ability to develop and grow.
  3. Good for your tummy – The polyphenol content in red wine can promote the activity of healthy bacteria in the stomach and intestine lining.
  4. Protects the ovaries – Perhaps because of wine’s high level of antioxidants or phytoestrogens, the risk of ovarian cancer is reduced by 50%.
  5. Builds better bones – Women who drink wine have higher bone mass than those who don’t. It seems to boost estrogen levels which may slow the body’s destruction of existing bones.
  6. Safeguard against type 2 diabetes – Premenopausal women are 40% less likely to develop this disease.

Why not consider adding a glass of wine to your daily health routine?


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