Wine & Junk Food

26 Jul

I came across a slideshow on explaining how to mix wine with junk food. Their only rule is the junkier the food, the more rare the wine should be. This is great for those who can’t afford expensive cheeses and don’t want to eat a whole meal with their wine. I can’t wait to try some of these out.

  • Rose + Cool Ranch Doritos (because Rose pairs well with garlic, herbs and onion because the fruit cuts the spice)
  • Austrian Red + beef jerky (because spicy red wine pairs well with salty foods)
  • Chardonnay + Butterfingers (because the acidic vanilla and oak flavors compliment the buttery nougat)
  • Champagne + french fries (because the bubbles cut the starch)
  • Sherry + ice cream (because the fruit, molasses and nut flavors of the wine accent the ice cream’s smooth texture) I wonder if certain flavors of ice cream would pair better?

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