Blackstone Pinot Noir 2010

15 Jul

Last night I had a Community marathon night. It’s a pretty funny show that I thought would only be made better with a glass of red wine. I stopped by Publix and grabbed a bottle of Blackstone Pinot Noir because it was on sale. I’ve tried Blackstone Cabernet Sauvignon before so I figured we would try a different wine by them. I believe it cost around $8 with sales tax and had 13.5% alcohol by volume. It smelled nice, like deep blackberry or cherry, and tasted fine until you swallowed. It had lots of tannin, which usually I don’t mind, but something about the after taste was not pleasing to the palette. I’m not sure if i’m just not a Pinot Noir fan or if it was the wine itself, but I would not recommend it for drinking. Maybe cooking.


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