Tampa Bay Brewing Company

21 Apr

I had the best lunch yesterday. If you are ever in Ybor you have to eat at the Tampa Bay Brewing Company. It’s a restaurant/brewery that has been around since 1996 and i’ve never had anything there that I didn’t think was absolutely delicious. It’s also super neat because they make all of their beers in house. You can even join their mug club for $55 (it has it’s perks if you dine there often enough) or buy your own beer making kit to create a pack of your favorite brew.

Even though I have a few favorite beers I always like to get the sampler tray so I can taste the seasonal brews. The price of a sampler tray ranges depending on how many seasonal brews there are. This time it was $15 dollars for the tray and it had 3 seasonal brews plus their 8 regular brews and awesome root beer. It comes on a tray with descriptions of each 3oz pour. Although $15 may seem expensive for what comes out to about 3 pints of beer, the buzz you get from mixing the different types of beer is comparable. 

One of the seasonal brews was called the Smoked Scotsman ale. It was 8.5% alcohol and tasted very smokey, almost like you were eating something that had been smoked. I enjoyed it, but some wouldn’t.

The Wild Warthog Weizen is 5.2% alcohol and tastes like bananas. Not overpowering, sweet bananas, but more like a subtle flavor that most females would probably enjoy. If I had to choose, this would probably be my favorite.

As i’ve said before, i’ve been gravitating toward porters and stouts lately, so it’s no surprise i’d enjoy the Iron Rat Stout. It tastes so chocolaty and smooth that you wouldn’t even realize it’s 8% alcohol by volume. 

This place is worth every penny.


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