Manischewitz Blackberry kosher wine

15 Dec

Shalom! I decided to try some kosher wine while I was shopping at Wal Mart. Manischewitz was $3.50 a bottle so I couldn’t be mad at myself if I didn’t like it since it was so cheap. I went with blackberry over concord grape but I think that is where I went wrong. It’s 11% alcohol by volume in a 750ml container but it tasted just like juice, very sweet juice to be specific. “Well, it does say ‘specially sweetened’ right on the bottle, Nicole.” I just wasn’t expecting it to taste like candy. It tasted as sweet as a moscato which is too sweet for me. I think if I was to drink massive amounts of this the sugar alone would make me sick. This is a great wine for people who hate the tastes of tannins or the burn of alcohol in their wine. This is a wine for people who don’t like the taste of wine. I wonder if all kosher wines are so sweet or if I perhaps would have enjoyed the concord grape wine better.


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