Publix Grape Magazine

10 Sep

If you like free magazines then you’re going to love this. Publix puts out a magazine, I believe seasonally since the one i’m currently looking at says Fall 2011, called Grape that is all about wine. There are recipes and what wines to pair them with, some history about wine, wine profiles, and this particular issue had some information about Florida wines. (I’m guessing they tailor the magazine to your region.) You can sign up for this free magazine here

I learned from this magazine that Florida is actually where wine making started in the United States. It was the French who settled in Florida in the late 1500’s who started making wine from the wild Muscadine grapes which are native to Florida and delicious. Muscadine grapes produce red and white wines that are on the sweet side but the University of Florida is working on some hybrids to make it dry. 


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