Keel & Curley Winery

21 May

My parents live in Brandon and when I was visiting them last week I went to a winery that was nearby, Keel & Curley in Plant City. It’s a pretty good wine tasting deal, $5 to taste all 10 of their wines. They’re known for their blueberry wine but also make fruit/grape blended wine. The service was great, super knowledgeable about the wines, and we even got to sample a wine freeze which is like a daiquiri but with wine so it’s delicious!

I purchased Keel & Curley’s Wild Berry Pinot Noir from Albertsons, it was on sale for $10.99 normally priced at $12.99. This wine is delicious, all of Keel & Curley’s wines are 12% alcohol but since all of them contain fruit the sugar basically eliminates the alcoholic flavor. The wine is a blend of 8 different berries and Pinot Noir grapes which can be hard to grow since they’re a temperamental grape, all fruits from the United States.


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